1. Run everyday: The best way to get better at running is to run and run consistently

2. Train from the middle of June until the end of the season: You cannot reach your full potential unless you run from the middle of June until the end of cross country season. Runners who start in July or August can improve but they will not reach their full potential.

3. Train year round: In order to be your best you need to train year round and take 2-3 weeks off at the end of track and cross country season. Sports that work your aerobic system such as swimming and basketball are good alternatives in the off season.

4. Have a Positive Attitude: The best runners I have found not only run everyday but have a positive attitude about running. They are excited to run whether it is at practice or in a meet.

5. Educate yourself: The more you know about running the better you're going to be at it. This sport is complicated and like most things you cannot expect to learn everything in a day or a season. I've been coaching since 2006 and still have alot to learn so I'm guessing you do too.

6. Always look to get better: I'm always improving as a coach and you can always get better as a runner.
Example: Male runners reach their physical peak around 25 years of age but many professional runners continue to post faster times into their late thirties. Knowledge and experience is what has allowed these runners to run faster despite the fact that they are past their prime.

How To Improve Your Running (Power Point)